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Omega Cabinetry : Adagio


For Inset cabinet door aficionados, a one-inch thick face frame makes all the difference for fine furniture-quality appearance and heightened profile detail. Adagio features a raised panel door and five-piece drawer styling. Available in both Beaded and Non-Beaded Inset.


The antiqued look of natural wear on wood from years of use is achieved by lightly sanding over the profiles, worm holes, light dents, and chiseling with randomly scraped profiles before finishing. Since the effects are applied prior to finishing, there will be no sand-through to expose the wood on stained or opaque products.


Vintage Touch creates an aged appeal by randomly distressing the wood with dents, worm holes, rasping, sand-over of profiles, sand-through, a grey toned edging, and black speckling. Due to the random placement of the effects, every door will be unique and may not receive each of the special effects.


Brushed finishes allow beautiful expression that run the gamut from weathered and aged to a sleek contemporary feeling.


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