calacatta maximus calacatta maximus
5114_calacatta_maximus_ceramic_cup_1920x1080 5114_calacatta_maximus_ceramic_cup_1920x1080
5114_Calacatta-Maximus_Full_Slab_Master_RGB1920X616 5114_Calacatta-Maximus_Full_Slab_Master_RGB1920X616
5114_Calacatta-Maximus_Render-1920X1080 5114_Calacatta-Maximus_Render-1920X1080

Calacatta Maximus – Caesarstone


To cater to the growing demand for premium-grade quartz countertops in the U.S.A and beyond, Caesarstone opened a manufacturing plant in Savannah, Georgia, in 2015. The state-of-the-art facility expedites product-to-market, while realizing Caesarstone’s commitment to the communities in which they operate by creating local jobs and advancing American technology with their innovation power

Caesarstone uses a high quartz-blend ratio – up to 90% natural quartz minerals

Caesarstone Hygiene Standard and compliance with the highest standards of quality, environmental care, and sustainability.

Caesarstone’s lifetime warranty is made available to the original owner of a single-family residence and goes into effect on the original date of installation