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MSI Tile Urbano Navy


Urbano Navy Tile is a glossy blue ceramic backsplash tile that will look beautiful on any wall. The classic subway tile can tone down any space or create a beautiful darker accent as well, and can be placed in any pattern. This 4×12 tile can be used in commercial or residential spaces, matches any decor, and is highly durable, meaning you can get more life out of it for a longer time.   

Are you looking for a ceramic tile that is bold yet understated? Featuring a vibrant blue, Urbano Navy 3D Mix Tile is the trendy take on the traditional subway tile. Each backsplash tile boasts a subtle 3D design, so the closer your guests get to the tile the more they’ll be able to see it! Urbano Navy 3D Ceramic Wall Tile makes a bold statement in a variety of applications throughout your home.