50RLV2008_RS-1024×684 50RLV2008_RS-1024×684
50RLV2001_Silo-480×350 50RLV2001_Silo-480×350
50RLV2001_RS-480×350 50RLV2001_RS-480×350
50RLV2001_RS-480×350 50RLV2001_RS-480×350
50RLV2001_Silo-480×350 50RLV2001_Silo-480×350
50RLV2002_RS-480×350 50RLV2002_RS-480×350
50RLV2002_Silo-480×350 50RLV2002_Silo-480×350
50RLV2003_RS-480×350 50RLV2003_RS-480×350
50RLV2003_silo-480×350 50RLV2003_silo-480×350
50RLV2004_RS-480×350 50RLV2004_RS-480×350
50RLV2004_Silo-480×350 50RLV2004_Silo-480×350
50RLV2005_RS-480×350 50RLV2005_RS-480×350
50RLV2005_Silo-480×350 50RLV2005_Silo-480×350
50RLV2006_RS-480×350 50RLV2006_RS-480×350
50RLV2006_Silo-480×350 50RLV2006_Silo-480×350
50RLV2007_RS-480×350 50RLV2007_RS-480×350
50RLV2007_Silo-480×350 50RLV2007_Silo-480×350
50RLV2008_RS-480×350 50RLV2008_RS-480×350
50RLV2008_RS-1024×684 50RLV2008_RS-1024×684
50RLV2008_Silo-480×350 50RLV2008_Silo-480×350
50RLV2070_RS-480×350 50RLV2070_RS-480×350
50RLV2070_Silo-480×350 50RLV2070_Silo-480×350
50RLV2071_RS-480×350 50RLV2071_RS-480×350
50RLV2071_Silo-480×350 50RLV2071_Silo-480×350
50RLV2072_RS-480×350 50RLV2072_RS-480×350
50RLV2072_Silo-480×350 50RLV2072_Silo-480×350
50RLV2073_RS-480×350 50RLV2073_RS-480×350
50RLV2073_Silo-480×350 50RLV2073_Silo-480×350
50RLV2074_RS-480×350 50RLV2074_RS-480×350
50RLV2074_Silo-480×350 50RLV2074_Silo-480×350
50RLV2075_RS-480×350 50RLV2075_RS-480×350
50RLV2075_Silo-480×350 50RLV2075_Silo-480×350

COREtec : Pro Plus Enhanced


Nicola Oak Detail

The Pro Plus Enhanced collection features enhanced painted bevels for ultra-realistic wood and stone looks, as well as a rigid core construction. Together, these features represent the next revolution in flooring and make this collection suitable for both residential and commercial use. Pro Plus Enhanced floors can be installed in high-traffic and high-moisture areas. Constructed from a high-density composition with special top and bottom layers for added stability, the rigid core provides superior impact and dent resistance. All styles in the COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced Collection feature the patented COREtec® technology, making them 100% waterproof. COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced floors can be installed in wet areas and will never swell when exposed to water. All COREtec floors are dimensionally stable, and will not expand or contract due to temperature or humidity under normal conditions. Plus, COREtec never needs expansion strips in large rooms. Each COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced plank or tile has an attached cork underlayment for a quieter, warmer floor that is naturally resistant to mold and mildew that can cause odors.

Dimensions: Planks: 7.13” x 48.03” x 7 mm, Tiles: 18.50” X 24.02” x 7 mm
Sq. Ft./Carton: Planks: 19.02, Tiles: 24.69
 Engineered Vinyl Plank
Edge Profile: 4-sided Enhanced Bevel
Core: Solid Polymer Core
Attached Underlayment: Cork
Installation Method: Glueless Installation
Installation Level: Below, On, or Above Grade Level
Residential Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Structure Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Waterproof Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Petproof Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Commercial Warranty: 15 Year Limited Heavy Commercial


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